About Richard Brailey – Chiropractor

Dr Richard Brailey completed his 5 year masters degree in chiropractic at Macquarie University, known nationally and internationally for its quality training and focus on diagnosis, technique and exercise rehabilitation.

Richard has proactively engaged in further studies of movement pattern training, functional neurology, spinal control, posture, headache and migraine, vertigo and balance disorders, ergonomics and running technique.

Movement is undoubtedly the most important factor in successful prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injury, both integrated movement of the body and cultivating an active life. First and foremost I adopt an approach of ‘prevention over cure’ though this is built on a solid foundation of injury rehabilitation. Highlighting the most significant factors contributing to an injury’s development is paramount to long term gains, which interestingly is rarely the site of the actual pain. I pride myself on a cutting edge approach to treatment involving correction of global movement patterns, underlying weaknesses and deficiencies in activation, aberrant length tension relationships and brain based dysfunction.

In his spare time Richard enjoys getting outdoors and keeping active with yoga, rock climbing, gym, running and cycling. He believes in taking a pro-active approach to health and enjoys helping people do the same.

Richard is available for:

  • Initial Consultations
  • Standard review consultations
  • Long review consultations
  • Work cover claims
  • DVA

Initial Consultation- $90.00

Extended Subsequent Consultation – $ 80.00

Subsequent Consultation – $60.00

All DVA Gold card holders will be bulk billed provided the appropriate GP referral is received. Medical rebates are available with the appropriate GP referral. Richard is registered with most major private health funds, Rebate amounts will vary depending on the level of cover.


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Richard Brailey – Chiropractor
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Richard Brailey – Chiropractor
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Richard Brailey – Chiropractor
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Richard Brailey – Chiropractor
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