Our GPs have a vast range of knowledge and individual interest including men’s, women’s and children’s health in addition to chronic disease management and preventative care. The GPs are also equipped to deal with Work, Health and Safety issues including pre-employment checks, work based injuries and return to work programs to get you back to a happy and healthy life.


What is a GP (General Practitioner)?


GPs are trained to deal holistically (taking into consideration the whole body and environment when offering treatment) with the range of problems a person might have.  GPs are skilled in diagnosis especially at an early stage of a condition.  They also know when and where to refer you if you require further investigations or treatment.

A GP can recognise, advise, treat or refer patients with any medical or emotional condition. GPs provide a continuous service throughout a person’s life so will be able to advise on the needs of a baby with fever, an old person with memory loss as well as medical and psychological problems that occur at any age.

GPs are trained to listen and observe and able to pick up symptoms that you may have missed, then work with you to improve matters.


· Family medicine

· Women’s health

· Men’s health clinics

· Children’s health checks

· Acute disease management

· Chronic disease management and care plans

· Mental health management and care plans

· Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health management and care plans

· Antenatal management with GP shared care

· Specialist referrals

· Workers Compensation medical management

· Travel advice

· Vaccinations

· Pre-employment Medicals

· Fitness to drive assessments

· Minor surgical procedures – suturing of lacerations, removal of cysts

· Skin Checks

· Asthma management

· Diabetes management

Many of our doctors have extensive experience in Women’s health.

Areas of Women’s Health include:


· Pap smears

· Gynaecological examinations

· Cervical Cancer screening and immunisation

· Breast examinations and Breast Cancer screening

· Breast lumps

· Premenstrual dysphoria disorder

· Fertility problems

· Pregnancy testing

· Family planning and contraception

· Implanon insertion and removal

· Depot contraception

· Antenatal care including GP shared care

· Post-natal checks

· Lactation and breast feeding advice

· Menopause management

· Incontinence

· Prolapse

· Sexual Health and STD testing

· Hormonal abnormalities

Despite statistical evidence that clearly shows men have a higher mortality rate than women, men still show a greater reluctance to seek medical advice.

Men have a tendency to deny feeling unwell or shrug it off with that well-worn phrase ‘I’ll be alright’.

The fact is that it may often not be alright. Like women, men too have specific health needs that require care and attention.

The Men’s Health Clinic makes it easier for men to talk about, and understand their own health needs. Our doctors can help guide you towards a healthier lifestyle and teach you how to avoid health problems that typically affect men such as:

· High blood pressure

· Heart conditions

· Weight management

· Prostate concerns

· Urinary problems

· Sexual dysfunction

· Lack of general physical fitness


The Men’s Health Clinic allows men of all ages to take control of their health with the support, guidance and understanding of our specialists who have both the time and expertise to cater for your individual needs.

If any problems exist our doctors can help you with advice, treatment and/or a second opinion.

You don’t need a referral to attend and the Men’s Health Clinic fees are eligible for a rebate from Medicare

Children’s Health

– One week old baby check

– Immunisation – scheduled & catch up

– Healthy eating

– Breast feeding

– Diarrhoea

– Vomiting

– Fever

–  Asthma management

– skin conditions,

– weight management

– mental health

– behavioural issues

– growth and development

– minor trauma

Preventative Health

– Weight Management

– Lifestyle change management

– Smoking cessation

– Drug & alcohol problems

– Medication review

Health Assessments

The assessment of a patient’s health and physical, psychological and social function & consideration of whether preventative health care or education should be offered to the patient, to improve that patient’s health and physical, psychological or social function. 


– Type 2 diabetes risk assessment 40-49 yr old

– 45-49 yr old health assessment

– 75 years and over health assessment

– Permanent residents of an aged care facility assessment

– People with an intellectual disability health assessment

– Refugees and other humanitarian entrants health assessment

– Former defence personnel health assessment 

– Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander health assessment (child & adult)

– Chronic Disease Management

– Diabetes Cycle of Care

– Asthma Cycle of Care

– GP Management Plan

– Team Care Arrangements

– Multidisciplinary care plan

– Multidisciplinary care plan for residents of an aged care facility

– Review of GP management plan and team care arrangements

– Blood pressure monitoring

– Cholesterol monitoring

– Blood sugar monitoring

– INR monitoring

– Heart health

– Pain management 

To make an appointment, please contact the practice on 07 4055 4400 or book online.

To assist our reception staff, please indicate if your appointment is for a specific reason, such as immunisations, pap smear, wound care, drivers medical so we can allocate the appropriate appointment length and also book a nurse if required.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please contact the practice with a minimum of 1 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  This way your appointment time can be given to someone else.  If you fail to attend 3 booked appointments, you will be sent a “Failure to attend” letter and will be required to pre pay for any further booked appointments.  As weekend appointments are limited, failure to attend on a weekend will result in you being unable to book a weekend appointment for a period of 3 months.



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