Health Direct – free Australian health Advice

Posted on December 26, 2016

Health Direct is a free Australian health advice service that is supported by Governments of Australia. Health Direct The Zika Virus Zika virus is transmitted mainly through mosquito bites. The symptoms are usually mild, but there are worries about whether it might be dangerous for pregnant women. Here’s information about Zika and what to do […]


NQPHN Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker of the Year

Posted on April 4, 2016

Deslie Dempsey is our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker at Balance! Edmonton Family Practice. Deslie diligently and enthusiastically supports our indigenous cialismax.com patient base in the Cairns region, and encourages them to look after their health.  She proactively gets patients to come into the practice for health assessments, to see their GP, and Deslie […]


Director wins scholarship to Harvard

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The Founder and Director of Balance! Healthcare is Kate Gunn.  In 2015 Kate was privileged to be selected by Chief Executive Women (CEW) and the Women’s Leadership Institute as a scholarship recipient to attend the Harvard Business School’s “Women’s Leadership Forum”.  This Forum was attended by 64 female business leaders from 28 countries around the world, […]


Balance! Healthcare has an Indigenous Uniform

Posted on March 4, 2016

Balance! Healthcare has introduced an indigenous uniform which you will see worn at each of our locations – Edmonton, Springwood and Blackheath.  We now have 7 indigenous team members, and a vote by them and the practice managers resulted in the design we have chosen.  It represents our connectedness http://ourtadalafil.com/ to the sea and the mountains.  […]