Our Approach

Everyone who visits the GP Super Clinics will receive the highest quality of care. Our clinics are people and family-centred.  You will be treated with care and consideration.

Our approach is built around inclusiveness; irrespective of age, gender, financial situation or ethnic background. You will be welcomed and listened to. We will be responsive to individual differences, cultural diversity and healthcare preferences.

A core commitment of the GP Super Clinic is to help people stay healthy through ready access to information of wellness, prevention and detection. We focus on helping people get well and stay well through nutrition, environment and lifestyle management.

Our service offering has been tailored to the needs and priorities of the community.

Key Services

Our range of services will include (but not be limited to) and will differ slightly from clinic to clinic:


Diabetes Education


Hearing Clinic

Mental Health






Exercise Physiology

Massage therapy

Occupational Therapy




Sleep Services

Speech Pathology

Clinical Pharmacy Services

Minor procedures

*Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health worker (Cairns)

Further Information

We have a strong commitment to client confidentiality and privacy; client records will only be made available with a client’s consent. Our information technology will have the highest level of security. We follow the privacy and confidentiality legislation set by the Federal and the New South Wales and Queensland government.

A copy of our Privacy Policy can be downloaded here:

Working with the Community

As a member of the community, YOU can be involved with the GP Super Clinic in a number of ways.

We are establishing:

– Community Consultative Committee

– Outreach Programs

– Newsletter

We are always looking for more community members for our Community Consultative Committee.  If you are interested then please email kategunn@balancehealthclinic.com.au

Balance! Healthcare will review the quality of its services and service delivery through a combination of community focus groups, consultation and surveys.

Find more information: GET INVOLVED!

Opportunities are available for patients and other visitors to tell us, “How we are doing” and we collect systematic patient experience feedback at least every 3 years.

We have a complaints resolution process and we also make the contact details for the state or territory health complaints agencies readily available to patients if we are unable to resolve their concerns ourselves.

Patients have a ‘right to complain’ and where possible patients and others are encouraged to raise any concerns directly with the practice team who are trained to make sure patients of the practice feel confident that any feedback or complaints made at the practice will be handled appropriately.

Copies of our Policies and Procedures and Complaints Forms can be downloaded here: