Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading, evidence based high quality and well respected national network of comprehensive Primary Health teams.

The model driving the Balance! Healthcare GP Super Clinics represents the future of primary healthcare in Australia.

Integrating GP medical, specialist and allied healthcare services within one practice and centred around the client to deliver holistic healthcare will become the standard for the future.

At Balance! Healthcare our goal is to deliver quality primary healthcare for the communities in which we operate, with specific strategies to assist the most disadvantaged. We focus on preventative healthcare and early detection by looking at environment, nutrition and lifestyle management.

The Balance! Healthcare approach is about empowering people to take control and improve their own health.

GP Super Clinics

Balance! Healthcare was awarded a grant by the Federal Government (Department of Health) in 2009 to establish and operate GP Super Clinics in the Blue Mountains and Cairns.

The Clinic is based on a ‘hub and spoke’ model – with purpose-built multi-disciplinary healthcare hubs at Springwood, NSW and Edmonton, QLD with primary care spokes in key service centres throughout the Blue Mountains and Cairns. This model enables us to deliver services locally throughout the region and provide a consistent level of care across all our operations.

All practices within the GP Super Clinic are electronically linked, providing a coordinated system of healthcare and secure access to client records. With patient consent, individual medical records will be available to all practitioners, allowing them to gain a complete picture of a client’s treatment program.

We are fully committed to the Personally Controlled Electronic Record – My Health Record.

The main Blue Mountains BP Super Clinic is located at 16 Ferguson Road, Springwood and opened on 30 January 2012.  The practice is open 7 days a week.

The main Cains GP Super Clinic is located at 5 Walker Road, Edmonton and opened on 14 May 2012.  The practice is open 7 days a week.

Working with the Community

As a member of the community, YOU can be involved with the GP Super Clinic in a number of ways.

We are establishing:

– Community Consultative Committee

– Outreach Programs

– Community Café

– Newsletter

We are always looking for more community members for our Community Consultative Committee.  If you are interested then please email kategunn@balancehealthclinic.com.au

Balance! Healthcare will review the quality of services and service delivery through a combination of community focus groups, consultation and surveys.

Balance! Healthcare was awarded a grant by the Federal Government (Department of Health) in 2009 to establish and operate GP Super Clinics in the Blue Mountains and Cairns.

Commitment to Education & Training

GP Super Clinics present an opportunity to enhance multi-disciplinary education in order to enhance working relationships and workforce participation. Education and training is therefore a very important part of the GP Super Clinics for both practitioners and administrative staff.

The GP Super Clinics are designed to be a ‘centre of excellence’ for education and training.

Continuing Professional Development for all practitioners is a major component of the Clinics, as are vocational training for GP Registrars. We will work with our partners from the University of New South Wales, University of Western Sydney, University of Sydney, Notre Dame University and the James Cook University in Queensland.

Significantly, we have established research and student placement arrangements with a number of Universities to undertake and share academic research, and to provide training opportunities for medical, nursing and allied health students.