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Hands on Superhealth has been established over 30 years providing natural health care and for over 25 years to the Blue Mountains community. Hands on Superhealth is a chiropractic practice offering a range of services that work together in bringing vitality back to an individual. We pride ourselves in being thorough and have made large investments in technology and training to enable regular investigations to reveal what to focus upon during any block of care.  We have a traditional view of the triad of health which involves the roles of structure, biochemistry and emotion in health and vitality.  All aspects of the triad can be addressed by your health professionals working together in an integrated team.   We look after many families often seeing 3 generations, new babies to grandparents.

All clients observe improvements to functional areas of digestion, sleep and energy, as their joint pain reduces and their mobility returns.  The body has within in it the ability to heal itself, our role is to discover and understand the cause of the problem and then address it with the client.

Our posture is a window to the spine.  The research done over many years’ supports the proposition that good movement and posture are associated with better health outcomes.

Call us to book a 15 minute chat to discuss your health concerns.  We are located at Balance! Springwood, Leura and Northmead.  Phone the Leura practice and we will organise everything.

(02) 4784 2990.

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Treatment fees vary with tailored solution plans available. For more information please contact the practice.


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